Veterans in the Woods

Veterans helping Veterans
Supporting PTSD recovery

Veterans in the Woods

Have developed the WARRIORS PATH, a foundation for the quest to find peace within.


For thousands of years the warriors has found calm security and belonging sat around a fire. Talking of victory and defeat, to remember the fallen. To seek comfort from other warriors as well as heat and safety.


Learning to calm the mind that calms the reaction to trauma. Introducing to why and how we adopt these techniques and how they help in everyday life.

Positive experience

Veterans in the Woods also provide a fun time of learning new weapon techniques using Axe, spear and knife throwing which brings you into the moment and it’s fun. We are all trained in multiple weapon systems of the modern day, we use basic warrior weapons of millennia to invoke a warrior spirit of achievement and experience.

Veterans in the Woods is a private initiative provided by veterans for veterans. Please contact us for more information on our weekends and locations.

You are not alone, reach out we are warriors, strength and honour.

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Emergency Helplines

If you are in crisis please contact the Army dedicated helpline or combat stress.